First-Year Pediatric Visits

10 videos | 24:05 minutes

Your baby will likely see his or her pediatrician at least seven times in their first year. These visits are an essential part of monitoring your baby’s health and development. In this video lesson, you’ll learn more about what to expect in these visits so you can get the most out of them.

First-Year Dental Care

5 videos | 9:32 minutes

Caring for your baby’s teeth is an important part of healthy growth and development in the first year and beyond. In this lesson, you will learn how to properly care for your baby’s teeth and what to expect with teething and the first dental visit. After all, creating good dental habits in the first year can have a lifelong impact for your baby.


6 videos | 22:05 minutes

When it comes to babycare, learning how to diaper a newborn is an indispensable skill. Newborns can go through a dozen diapers a day, so perfecting your routine will ultimately save you lots of time. And, when it comes to monitoring the health and wellness of a baby, carefully tracking diaper activity is one of the main ways to identify when a baby might be getting sick.


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Babies get messy. Even if they’re too little to be rolling in the dirt yet, the messy diapers, the spit up and those some-how constantly sticky neck folds require attention to keep clean. In this video lesson, you’ll learn the key ways to keep a baby clean with a focus on how to keep bath time safe and fun. You’ll soon be a pro at getting your baby squeaky clean for all those great photo ops.

Swaddling and soothing

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Babies cry. While you’ll quickly learn to identify your own baby’s various cries and needs, calming and soothing a fussy baby can be an art form unto itself. In this lesson we explore the various reasons babies cry and the most common soothing techniques to calm a fussy baby, including the all-too- important swaddle.

Sleeping and Scheduling

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Babies need to sleep… and so do you. Unfortunately those two needs can be difficult to align on the same schedule in the first few weeks and months of a newborn’s life. Here we cover what’s ‘normal’ when it comes to a baby’s sleep patterns. We also provide in-depth profiles of three different approaches to ‘managing’ a baby’s sleep schedule and overall routines.

Infant CPR

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Be prepared. While we hope you never have to use infant CPR, we firmly believe that it’s best to be prepared. Here we cover the need-to- know must haves for identifying an infant in duress, contacting emergency services, and delivering CPR. We also recommend ways to gain hands-on- practice of the techniques in your home. In just 14 minutes you can learn these lifesaving skills.