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6 videos | 22:05 minutes

When it comes to babycare, learning how to diaper a newborn is an indispensable skill. Newborns can go through a dozen diapers a day, so perfecting your routine will ultimately save you lots of time. And, when it comes to monitoring the health and wellness of a baby, carefully tracking diaper activity is one of the main ways to identify when a baby might be getting sick.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • What diapering supplies you need and how to select them
  • How to change a disposable diaper, which includes the same fundamentals used in cloth diaper changes
  • How to deal with diaper rash including what it is, what causes it, how to prevent/treat it and when to call the doctor
  • What’s ‘normal’ to expect in your baby’s diaper when it comes to poop and pee plus some common red flags that mean you should call the doctor
  • Favorite tips and tricks from experienced parents

Once you’ve spent a day or two around a baby, you’ll quickly reach diapering guru status – this lesson helps you get started on the right footing and will serve as a useful reference when questions arise.