We are millennial women and men. We are working professionals. We are parents. We use Google countless times a day, but we’re smart and savvy enough to know what information to trust and what to ignore. We’re thinkers, and we like to understand the “why” so we can make informed decisions.

With that in mind, we’ve set out to create a simple, efficient childcare training platform for parents and soon-to-be parents like us. We are video-based, so you can learn at home, after work, with your partner. Kidzy has a clean and simple interface that doesn’t feel like the 1980s or like a pink-and-blue explosion. And we only give you the best — all of our content contains trustworthy, verified information that prepares and empowers parents to be the parents they want to be.


Kendall knows what it means to be a busy professional. With years of experience at a NY consulting firm, she’s a pro at maximizing the minutes in her day and knows the value of being able to get at the heart of an issue quickly, clearly and succinctly.

Kendall is passionate about education and skills-based training. She has worked with a range of education organizations from the Gates Foundation to the Ivy League to top community colleges. When her early 30s arrived, Kendall found dinner party conversations had become parental advice sessions where the only certain thing was how confusing new parenthood is. She knew there had to be a better way. She set out to build the learning platform all new parents deserve… and one she would want herself.

Kendall holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School and a BA from Duke University.


Dana is one of those people who oozes creativity. Lucky for Kidzy, she’s also the rare find who is boundlessly creative and also unbelievably organized. Dana keeps all things related to Kidzy content and production running smoothly. From managing production schedules and setting up shoots, to copy editing scripts and doing final video edits, she’s on it.

Much like her vast skill set, Dana’s background is equally varied and interesting. Dana has worked as a Senior Content Producer at General Assembly, she’s run Social Media at CourseHorse and has done original research and content production at a variety of digital publications.

Dana holds a BA from Brown University and has completed several courses at General Assembly including back-end web development.


We work with the top pediatricians and childcare professionals in the US to make sure all video content is based on the latest medical recommendations. Wherever possible, our video content is aligned with the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


All our content is reviewed by our diverse and dedicated team of parents. We can honestly say it is by real parents, for real parents.


We build all of our content with these guiding principles in mind – it’s an ongoing process to get it all right – but this is what we look like at our best.

FACTUAL  All of our content is based on the newest medical research, and reviewed for accuracy by our panel of advisors. If and when new facts arise, we will email you to keep you updated.

HONEST  Caring for a child is not all rainbows and apple pie. Our videos paint an honest, accurate picture – that is the good, bad, and ugly of childcare – so you know what’s normal, what issues you should expect, and when to get help.

SUPPORTIVE  Even with the best training, childcare is tough. Babies are unpredictable, and sometimes they cry…a lot. We try to keep a light tone in our videos to take some of the stress out of childcare prep.

OPEN-MINDED  We don’t believe there is one right way to care for a child. Every kid, and every parent, is different. Our job isn’t to tell you what to do, but merely to give you the facts – and the science – you need to parent in the way that suits your child, and you, the best.

INCLUSIVE  Come one, come all! We believe moms, dads, grandparents, and many others play an equally important role in childcare. Thus, our trainings are designed to be relevant to everyone involved.

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE  From the beginning, we’ve committed ourselves to helping all families provide the best starts they can for their kiddos. With that in mind, we offer free access to our content to partner organizations working with at-risk parents.


For any parent, grandparent, or aspiring nanny, learning to care for a newborn is a rewarding, though sometimes stressful, process. Finding the ‘right’ guidance can feel frustrating and overwhelming. There are countless books, classes, and blogs that claim to teach us how to be “perfect parents,” but all too many of them are dated, time-consuming, condescending, and sometimes flat-out wrong.

Modern parents deserve something better:  accurate, practical information they can efficiently access, learn from, and revisit on their own time. No pastels, no “baby-talk” – just the facts.

Kidzy was created to fill this void. It’s babycare 101 for modern, busy parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. All training is delivered through short videos, accessed online, and focused on the critical facts to keep your baby healthy and thriving. We base our content on the most up-to-date pediatric research, so you can care for your little one with confidence.